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Here is what our clients had to say about our services

“Civil Security Solutions provided guidance and help in the planning of this event that attracted 10,000 people. We were able to concentrate on the other elements of the event knowing that CSS and their team were managing everything security related, and keeping the event a safe pleasant place.”

“Civil Security Solutions provided a security service that was distinguished in its professionalism, sensitivity and social approach. Thanks to CSS, we were able to host magazine and book launch events whereby people felt both welcomed and safe. Because of this, I would thoroughly recommend the service of CSS to other businesses.”

“Civil Security Solutions is our sole security supplier for all of our events, and i truly believe that CSS could not have their professionalism matched. Will always recommend them to other businesses. A company that is big enought to get the job done, but small enought to care.”


Civil Security Solutions is one of the first social enterprise security companies in the UK and we are proud to say we invest in your community.

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