Do you have a venue in the wider Bristol area? Do you need a  competent security team?

Look no further!


Comprehensive Public &
Employer's Liability Insurance
giving you peace of mind


All members of staff have a SIA license and have undergone the relevant DBS checks to get one


We do not do hidden charges and all
the good we do is included in
the price



Our excellent service comes with the added value of knowing that you are making a difference to people's lives

Weather your venue is a speak easy, rave, local pub, or nightclub they all have one thing in common, and that is everybody wants to have a great time forgetting everyday life for awhile. Spirits are high and people are relaxed, naturally however this opens the door to risk.

All too quickly (and frequently) good times can turn bad. Once an incident is unfolding a swift and professional response is paramount to minimizing risk, damage, liability. To be successful in achieving the best possible outcome the door team need to individually poses certain characteristics alongside a wealth of personal experience in reserve, bringing to light that the days of applying force with a belligerent attitude to every situation is extinct.

We at Civil Security Solutions are taking the modern approach one step further focusing not just on how our staff conduct themselves, but looking at the qualities our staff need to poses so they might be astute in any given situation.

So if you are looking for a security company that delivers a premium service, morals at its heart, and that cares for your individual needs, as well as for the surrounding community. Civil Security Solutions should be your first port of call.


Monday - Friday  10:00 - 17:00


These four core values are at the heart of how we operate as a company
clearly, publicly, proudly displayed for everyone to see.

We as a company put emphasis on our staff not only knowing what the right thing to do is but having the courage to act on it.


No matter what the situation is respect and tolerance for other people and the ability to put yourself in other peoples shoes is the hallmark of our team.


The situations that our team have faced can be tough self discipline is required to keep a high level of resolve under pressure.


The cornerstone of how our staff operate is being honest and truthful in everything we do.

What puts us a head our competitors is that the foundation of the service we provide is our robust core values distancing ourselves from the imagine that the security industry is sometimes perceived has having, and by strictly operating to these four core values we are confident that we will exceed all expectations.