Do you have a store in Bristol? Do you want to deter criminal behaviour?

Look no further!


Comprehensive Public &
Employer's Liability Insurance
giving you peace of mind


All members of staff have a SIA license
and have undergone the relevant
DBS checks to get one


We do not do hidden charges and all
the good we do is included in
the price


Being a Not-For-Profit company we focus
on what really matters: Moral values &
ethical pratice that benefits the 

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More About Our High Quality Service

With many years experience in security, we know how important it is to get the right people for the job. We know that security does so much more than just stand around looking tough; they make people feel safe, protected, and are the face that represents you. This is why we recognize they are a key part of your operation that have a massive impact on your event or venue, and understand that it's not always easy to find the right company which is why...

as one of the first social enterprise security companies in the UK we can proudly say that we are innovating the industry. We are dedicated to delivering the very best service to our clients, and changing lives for local people. You can rest assured knowing that we are a security company that cares for not only your individual needs, but for the surrounding community.