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Our excellent service comes with the added value of knowing that you are making a difference to people's lives

Avon & Somerset Police reported that between August 2017 to July 2018 the number of incidents of burglary and robbery where over 11,000*, this number alone however does not paint the full picture for the victims of these crimes and the impact it actually has on them.

A break-in to a warehouse, building site, or other commercial property can have an immense impact, even a small or seemingly unsuccessful attempt can see the cost to you rise fast. In terms of cost one incident is enough to potentially cost thousands, Locksmiths to change/repair access, workmen to fix damages/ install new features to the property, Insurance excess to cover loss of property, Some locations such as building sites can even see workers migrate because of these incidents and for other commercial properties there could also be further disruption to operations. The financial effects of such incidents are clear without mentioning the amount of your time that can be lost, adding stress to your workload seemingly out of nowhere.

The safe solution to prevent this headache would be to hire manned security, however getting just anyone for the job could actually increase the risk and cost of such incidents. You need a professional, dependable, and respected security provider. You need Civil Security Solutions.


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These four core values are at the heart of how we operate as a company
clearly, publicly, proudly displayed for everyone to see.

We as a company put emphasis on our staff not only knowing what the right thing to do is but having the courage to act on it.


No matter what the situation is respect and tolerance for other people and the ability to put yourself in other peoples shoes is the hallmark of our team.


The situations that our team have faced can be tough self discipline is required to keep a high level of resolve under pressure.


The cornerstone of how our staff operate is being honest and truthful in everything we do.

What puts us a head our competitors is that the foundation of the service we provide is our robust core values distancing ourselves from the imagine that the security industry is sometimes perceived has having, and by strictly operating to these four core values we are confident that we will exceed all expectations. 

*According to figures published by